Lolabelle Part 2

Well, we started right away and after a few days I was able to send this video:

Lola started to thrive. The process is so joyous for Lolabelle that everyone around Loli felt uplifted by her enthusiasm.

Laurie and Lou were astonished at her ability to acquire new skills and were thrilled to see her enjoy herself so thoroughly.

Since then Lola has also learned to get a box of tissues and take tissues out of the box, open cabinets and get “drinks”, aside from other skills like ringing bells and playing castanets and many more traditional exercises and skills.

I also started to do some artwork with her some of which has sold at auction to benefit animal charity.

Dog paw painting

Lolabelle is sight impaired now as well but she loves playing the keyboards. Her parents say: “That’s what keeps her going! ”

To read about Lolabelle’s condition when I first met her and how we approached her therapy, visit Lolabelle Part 1.

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