Let’s face it: Jumping up and nipping are normal dog behaviors among dogs!

Of course when humans get into the mix these behaviors become a lot less cute and, depending on the intensity, problematic and unacceptable.

Do keep in mind that reprimanding or physically pushing back your puppy or dog only engages you more with the dog when he is behaving inappropriately and therefore reinforces those behaviors.

Best practice for jumping up would be to make the jumping boring and uninteresting. Do not engage with your pup while the jumping is going on. Wait for him to give up jumping and try something else to get your attention. As soon as the dog offers an acceptable behavior, like sitting nicely, or even just having all four paws on the floor, reward you dog highly. Additionally always reward your puppy highly when he is calm, has all four paws on the floor or plays nicely with one of his toys.

Help your dog by providing enough physical exercise and appropriate things to chew and nibble on so they can have an outlet for those very natural urges.

For specific advice and how to time your reinforcements properly contact us at DogRelations and we will be most happy to consult with you, give you individualized advice or teach your dog all the skills he needs in a private in-home dog lessons.