Just think about what would happen if you had to act on every thought that ran through your mind?

You would never be able to focus on a task for a reasonable amount of time because of all the distractions you would find impossible to resist.

Having impulse control can be seen as teaching your dog the ability to think things through before acting out, teaching him to use the thinking part of his brain rather than just leaping upon everything that appears in front of him.

Generally speaking just installing puppy manners such as teaching your dog to ask politely for attention, food and toys, teaching your dog to leave tempting things and redirect his focus onto you voluntarily and settling or sitting despite distractions are an essential part of allowing your dog to be well mannered. Of course your dog will choose those behaviors because you can and will highly reward him when he is able to comply.

We will show you how tremendously useful it is to allow your dog the time to think things through without nagging. At DogRelations we show you how to incorporate and elicit manners automatically from your dog so that your “basic obedience skills” actually work to create a deep sense of communication. We do not view basic skills as a “trick” that you have to ask for, but as behaviors you can elicit automatically because you have taught your dog to focus on you.

Let us show you how simple this process can be and how satisfying the results are! Contact us today.