What Is the Most Valuable Treat for Your Dog?

Manhattan Dog Trainer | Dog Relations NYC | Kid feeding watermelon to her dog

When it comes to rewarding your dog, considering the salience of the value is as important as the nutritional quality or what you are offering. Many pre-packaged dog food treats are full of unhealthy fillers and unnecessary colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and excessive sodium that can harm your dog’s physical and […] Read more »

Crate Training 101

Manhattan Dog Trainer | Dog Relations NYC | Puppy relaxing in his crate

Patience, kindness and persistence go a long way when teaching any new skill in life. This is of course also true when it comes to introducing a crate to your favourite four-legged friend. When done correctly, this experience is rewarding and positive for you and your dog. Simply throwing a treat into […] Read more »

consequences for nuisance behaviors

Cute Puppy | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

One of the first things I taught my puppy Zeldi is to settle on the floor during food preparations, human and canine. She knows that very well. as soon as I pull out the bowls and fill them with their food she knows to settle. She also knows to settle […] Read more »

“Greed” in the context of dog training

Painting of Large dog and small dog | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

When talking about greed in the context of teaching dogs I think of the following:    The lack of generosity in rewarding behaviors you want to promote  Asking for too much too soon.  Taking offered behaviors for granted Let me explain what I mean: It seems to be part of […] Read more »

Thinking from the dog’s point of view

Effects of Training In The Dogs' Brain Infographic | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

The general advice for extinguishing unwanted behaviors is to “ignore” those behaviors. I think that simply saying “ignore the behavior” is not exactly the right way to put it. If your dog tends to bark or jump and you let your dog bark and jump and ignore those behaviors completely […] Read more »

Rewarding Dogs Without Food

Photo of Zeldi - Dog Photo | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

Recently I learned more about the Premack principle in a webinar given by Kathy Sdao who is an admirable animal trainer. I was interested in learning more about how I could vary my reward system in my teaching. I was familiar with the idea of consequences, of course. When the […] Read more »

Teaching Duration Skills for Dogs

Zeldi Outside Photo | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

  The way dogs learn to understand our verbal utterances is by associating a physical behavior with a specific sound combination the human emits. For example dogs can learn quickly that when their butt hits the floor and they hear the human utterance “SIT”, that “SIT” logically must mean “this position where my butt hits the […] Read more »

Small victories make me happy

Large Dog Photo | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

A couple of years ago I read a blogpost by the very thoughtful British dog trainer Kay Laurence. http://www.learningaboutdogs.com/ She had a new puppy at the time and she was musing about greetings and how dogs just love to greet us by leaping up to come close to our faces. Somehow she […] Read more »

Dog runs: what do you think?

Dog Health and Wellness | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

Zeldi just had a great play session with an adolescent border terrier who lives a block away from us. They had a very animated game, their playing styles were matched really well. Both the handler of the border and I were able to call our dogs back to us and they were […] Read more »

Reward strategies

Zeldi Laying Down | DogRelations NYC - Dog Training in Manhattan

On a recent walk with my puppy Zeldi we came across a woman standing around in the street playing with her phone. She was wearing a billowing long dress. Zeldi found the fluttering fabric very interesting and the woman wanted to interact with Zeldi. Knowing how tempting her garb was […] Read more »