House training tips for your dog

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Learning is much more efficient if you can avoid mistakes. When applied to house training your puppy or even an older dog, drawing very clear distinctions is important. We know that peeing and pooping are necessary vital functions and to reprimand a dog for doing that is simply inhumane. The old fashioned ways are simply…

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Rethinking Reward Based Training

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When I walk around the city I see all these dogs trained with different approaches. Putting aside the sad fact that there are way too many pinch collars and choke chains around there is an encouraging number of dogs who are taught with reward based training… or let’s say: a version of reward based training.…

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Forced Socialization and Bite Inhibition

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I frankly was not aware of Ian Dunbar’s theory that the playtime before puppy class where the pups are allowed to run free was to teach them bite inhibition. I always knew that bite inhibition was taught much earlier, when the pup was still with his mom and litter mates. That aside, there seem to…

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Training your dog with positive reinforcement

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Just because you say it, doesn't mean it's going to happen I think one of the biggest misconceptions people have about a dog's learning process is that they think the dog can conceptualize new verbal input. Let's take the famous "sit" example. What actually makes the dog understand "sit" and perform the "sit" reliably is…

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Practical Manners Training for Puppies

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At DogRelations in New York City, we focus on training polite manners within a practical context. This enables clients to elicit “good behavior” from their dogs instead of correcting them verbally. We show your puppy how to “settle, sit and wait” automatically making the specific circumstance the cue. It will focus the dog on your…

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What Is the Most Valuable Treat for Your Dog?

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When it comes to rewarding your dog, considering the salience of the value is as important as the nutritional quality or what you are offering. Many pre-packaged dog food treats are full of unhealthy fillers and unnecessary colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and excessive sodium that can harm your dog's physical and mental health. At DogRelations NYC we…

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Crate Training 101

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Patience, kindness and persistence go a long way when teaching any new skill in life. This is of course also true when it comes to introducing a crate to your favourite four-legged friend. When done correctly, this experience is rewarding and positive for you and your dog. Simply throwing a treat into the “cage” and locking the…

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Thinking from the dog’s point of view

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The general advice for extinguishing unwanted behaviors is to “ignore” those behaviors. I think that simply saying "ignore the behavior" is not exactly the right way to put it. If your dog tends to bark or jump and you let your dog bark and jump and ignore those behaviors completely the dog might still bark…

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