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It has been a while since I have talked about specific small triumphs in my everyday life. A while back I put up a picture of a newly adopted blind pointer.

He was learning his way around the house, learning to walk up and down steps and to walk on a leash.

After Georgie began to feel more secure I thought it would be time for him to “learn English” and maybe basics like “sit” and “down” and “stay”. The funny thing was: Georgie never sat voluntarily. He would stand around and pace and then finally plop himself down but he never, ever just sat.

After this moment we hit a plateau. For a couple of months he still shied away a lot and I could not always give him the tap on the nose and tap on the chin signals. If I was successful it would take him a long time to actually “sit” and “down”. He had to really think things through, I guess.  And when he did sit he would get up again very quickly,  not waiting for his release cue. Same with” down”.

But then, all of a sudden on Friday he sat immediately! And again and again and just with the verbal cue!

And not only did he sit inside the apartment, he sat in the elevator and in the street!!!!! He had never before been able to do that.

I can hardly describe how proud I was!

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