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Great lesson in clicker training

So today I worked with Mya, Lily, Sadie and Elias on their “paw salad” routine. Lily crosses and uncrosses her front paws, Elias tucks the left front paw and Mya tucks both front paws. Sadie however had not caught on to the “paw game” and all she wanted to do is put her paws on my lap in a begging kind of way. Well, I certainly was not going to reinforce that!

I decided to wait her out. Eventually she would have to come to the conclusion that what she was doing was not earning her clicks or treats while the other dogs were really cashing in with their performances.

She was sitting there clinging onto my leg for what seemed to me like an eternity. Then, all of a sudden, she let go and started to do something totally different: she wiped her eyes with her right paw!! CLICK!!! TREAT!!!

I have not really named “it” yet, but she is offering the behavior pretty reliably now! Yay for capturing a behavior!!!!

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