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My dog knows SIT…..Really?

Recently in an elevator I was sharing the ride with a tall man and his French Bulldog puppy. The puppy was jumping up and excited and the tall man yelled at the pup! SIT! SIT! SIT!

I could not help myself and I said: oh, don’t worry about this. He simply does not know “sit” yet.

Oh no!!!..HE KNOWS SIT VERY WELL countered the guy.

he proceeded to yell SIT and YANK on the leash.

SIT! ( blank stare) YANK!

SIT!!!! ( blank stare…worried) YANK!!

add several repetitions.

Has this guy stopped for one second, ever, and thought about what he is doing?

Yes, the dog is beginning to know “sit” and to him it means: Oh no! I am going to get another leash yank!

Poor pup.

Sometimes it is really hard not to point that out to the human.



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