Do you have an older dog that is slowing down? Do you want your senior dog to enjoy the rest of life?

At DogRelations we believe strongly that enrichment activities enhance your dog’s life but also can help him regain lost mobility and mental acuity.

Music-RehabilitationWe carefully select individualized playful exercises that will encourage your dog to move. This will strengthen atrophying muscles, lubricate stiff joints and strengthen the small muscle groups surrounding the joints.

At the same time this will provide tremendous fun for your dog. We all know that endorphins play a great roll in quality of life, in healing from sickness and fighting depression.

We use a variety of equipment from inflatable discs to bells to keyboards and teach your dog “tricks” that are core strengthening. Never too late to learn something new and gain muscle mass!

If you feel your older doggie is slowing down, this would be the time to contact DogRelations and set up a consultation for your senior dog now!