A common behavior issue with dogs is separation anxiety. The signs of separation anxiety can take many forms including:

  • Whining
  • barking
  • howling
  • chewing things
  • urinating
  • digging

This behavior occurs when you leave him alone in the house.

What to do?
The first line of thought might be: Am I fostering co-dependence?
Am I giving my dog attention whenever he demands it?
Can I never keep my hands off of my dog and stroke and pet him almost constantly?
Have I not left him alone for a long time and all of a sudden expect him to be OK all alone?

Most cases can be solved by teaching you dog that he can control what happens next by displaying polite behaviors that earn him privileges. Additionally offering him a fantastic chew/food reward (like a KONG stuffed with tripe) will immediately reduce generalized anxiety and will classically condition you dog to look forward to your absence. It can classically condition your dog to look forward to when he is left alone.

Let us map out an individualized plan that fits your and your dog’s need.

At DogRelations we will support you throughout this process and assure success. Let us take the worry from you and replace it with practical and goal-oriented advice. Contact us for a dog separation anxiety consultation.