Discovering that your dog is kind of shy or fearful can be frustrating. Often people will ask: What is there to be afraid of? Do you think he had a bad experience?

Well, the truth of the matter is: we will never know, exactly. But what we can do is move forward, not worry about the past and make the dog feel comfortable with his fear triggers.

shy dogAnother important point to remember: Do not judge those fears! Fear is real and just because you think that it is silly to be scared of a balloon or a flag flapping in the wind or walking over a shiny floor don’t force your dog to go right up to or though the things that scare him.

At DogRelations we use a variety of behavioral tools (desensitization, counter conditioning /classical or Pavlovian conditioning and functional rewards) to allow your dog to re-associate those triggers with something wonderful. Your dog can then feel good about being exposed to his trigger because he also associates that trigger with overwhelmingly positive and primal experiences.

Please do not flood your dog! It will only make things worse.

Call DogRelations for some dog behavior modification sessions instead. Your dog and you will be a lot happier.