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I am thrilled to report that Sadie has been able to walk out of her neighborhood, past strollers, skate boarders, trucks, delivery carts, dogs. Good girl, Sadie!! You are amazingly…

Truth in labeling…not!

If you sell a product and say that it contains a certain ingredient, by law it actually has to have that ingredient in it. If it doesn’t, that’s not just…

dogs and cats drink in the same way

Were you taught that cats have differently built tongues and drinking technique than dogs? I was. I was told that cats use their tongues almost like blotting paper whereas dogs…

cats too!

This is Finn. He immediately found the process of earning treats for specific actions very intriguing. The roll up keyboard works better than I expected.

DogRelations has a page on Facebook

This presents an opportunity to share much more and open up to the world. So please click on the link below and “like” the DogRelations Page! THANK YOU:) https://www.facebook.com/DogRelations  

Sadie’s progress

Sadie and Elias sit/stay I am so proud of Sadie! A couple of months ago she was not able to function at all outside the house because every single noise…