Tips for Spring Dog Grooming in NYC

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It’s spring and we look forward to warmer weather and nice expeditions to the country and the beach with our dogs. As delightful as the warmer weather can be it also brings with it the same question: How to beat the heat? I have two Briards with lush, long coats. I cannot tell you how…

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A sight for sore souls

sweet innocence After all the angst, frustration and feelings of uncertainty I thought that posting this photo of a sweet two week old Briard puppy would be a healing sight for sore eyes and souls. Thank you Alice for your permission to post! For more photos please explore: Who knows: maybe a puppy is…

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How did your dogs brave the storm?

This was our experience: It started. We all went into the bedroom and watched TV. Suddenly there was a flicker of light, then a pop and the electricity went off. It was about 8:30 pm. We heard and saw the explosion of the 14th street substation. Then total darkness. Other unidentifiable explosions and crashes. There…

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Perfect example of a pay-off

Have you ever wondered as to the usefulness of  teaching your dog down/stay or quietly lying on his side? Well: Today my dog Petzi needed to get some x-rays. Thanks to Petzi's skills and the kind techs at  All Caring Animal Hospital in Great Barrington this was accomplished without sedation! What a gift! Petzi…

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anxiety wrap

After hearing so much about this anxiety wrap/thundershirt I decided to try it on Cosi. She has never worn a coat and so when I first approached her with the wrap she thought it was a toy. But once I figured how to put it on she seemed quite happy wearing it. We tried wearing…

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Double Trouble’s Blog

Double Trouble is a most handsome Briard who lives in Berlin with his "sister" Sateth. is one of my very favorite blogs to read and enjoy. If I were a dog I would want to have Birgit be my guardian. The blog is in German but the photographs speak the universal language of a…

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