Brief Consultation

2 Weeks Support


The Brief Consultation will address behavior issues that have already developed such as jumping, pulling, demand barking, puppy biting, fear or aggression motivated behaviors, remedial house training, and leash aggression.

What You Get

  • Comes with 2 weeks support via phone, text, and email.
  • Written reminders of games/exercises to keep in mind.
  • Discussing management and replacement behaviors with future lessons in mind.


  • Recommended as a start button for a series of lessons for dogs who come with pre-existing behavior issues and as a first of a series of follow up lessons.
  • You have a dog or puppy with behavior issues.
  • You are getting a puppy and need to get organized and establish a schedule and learn how to interact with your new puppy that includes puppy manners and house training.

$350 – Consultation with follow up support via text or email for 2 weeks (does not include a written report)

$200 – Private follow up lesson


In-Person service for all of Manhattan, most of Brooklyn and Long Island City 
Private sessions are not available in the Bronx or Staten Island

For special tricks, platform training or small group classes please inquire for rates and opportunities at [email protected]

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