Enrichment, injury prevention and enhanced proprioception


  • You are busy working at home and your dog is overweight, shy or is generally under stimulated and needs exercise and mental stimulation. In other words: Healthy FUN!
  • Enrichment lessons: Give your dog/puppy mental stimulation to prevent nuisance behaviors: tricks, indoor exercises, injury prevention, increased proprioception, building core strength and balance, post injury or surgery guided indoor exercises with small equipment, enrichment walks.
  • Your dog has a luxating patella or ACL issues or beginning to show signs of arthritis: Body conditioning sessions can give your dog a better chance of avoiding surgery, delaying physical deterioration in seniors and by stretching, balancing, strengthening workouts that also have a mood enhancing effect.

In-Person service for all of Manhattan, most of Brooklyn and Long Island City 
Private sessions are not available in the Bronx or Staten Island

For special tricks, platform training or small group classes please inquire for rates and opportunities at [email protected]

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