Psychiatric Service Consultation

Traveling with your dog?

Recently there have been some important changes in the rules and regulations that allow you to travel with your dog by air.

Suppose your dog has accompanied you in the past as an emotional support animal, and your dog is used to flying and is well behaved in public. In that case, I can evaluate your dog and can provide you with a letter that your dog is indeed trained to be qualified, well behaved in public, and should be accepted in all public spaces as your psychiatric service animal.

If your dog needs to learn the required skills or needs some brushing up, I will help you train your dog until I feel comfortable attesting to the fact that your dog can travel with you and can reliably behave in public.

Your dog needs to be:

  • House trained
  • Able to settle on the floor next to you even with distractions
  • Show no aggression towards other dogs or humans
  • No jumping up on strangers
  • No barking
  • No begging for food

Please note: In order to qualify as a Psychiatric Service Dog, they need to be prescribed by a mental health professional, regardless of how well trained they might be.


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