Full service, in-home care for when you have to leave town and cannot take your puppy or dog with you.

We know our clients love their puppies and dogs and also lead busy, full lives. At Dog Relations, we offer in-home assistant services to help with a variety of issues that you may not have time to solve or focus on, yourself.

Some common issues we address are:
  • Housetraining a new puppy
  • Daily walking and exercising
  • Educational playtime and mental stimulation to combat loneliness
  • Reinforcement of positive behaviors and manners
  • Leash walking skills and outside behavior training

We will stay with your dog / puppy and train them so that their positive behaviors and  manners are consistently reinforced.  We can effectively train your puppy or dog in your absence, so you can come home and enjoy a polite and happy dog!

We also offer full service, in-home care for when you have to leave town and cannot take your puppy or dog with you.

We are fully insured and bonded.

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Consultation $495/

All clients are provided with a detailed understanding of positive reinforcement and how it gives your dog a happy life… every dog guardian’s dream!


I recommend starting with my 1.5 hr Comprehensive Consultation. During this personalized session, I thoroughly evaluate your dog or puppy’s needs, identify and address any questions or concerns you may have, and teach you specifically how to engage with your dog to achieve your desired outcomes. You will receive my continued guidance via email, text or calls for up to one month after the consultation, so you and your dog feel supported after our session. I encourage you to come back with any and all questions that might come up, be it handling skills or dealing with unexpected behaviors. There will be a detailed written review of your session as well!

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Dog Relations advocates science-based and force-free learning opportunities and experiences. Learn how to teach your dog basic skills in a fun and rewarding way!

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