Even though many people have a terrible aversion to the thought of “caging” a dog there are many fantastic advantages to having a crate trained dog. A dog or puppy who loves his crate can travel easily, be safe in almost any environment, and relax comfortably in his safe place when there is turmoil around him. House training is much easier if your dog has a temporary confined area where he will definitely not pee or poop.

DogRelations crate training we will teach your dog to run into his crate voluntarily and happily and relax in the crate until released. We will do a complete desensitization to crate door, noises and your dog will be able to run into the crate from a distance without bribery or coaxing.

Regardless if you have just adopted a puppy and you’d like to keep your rugs and furniture pristine or would like your older dog to be safe and happy and relaxed, let us come in and turn your dog and you into a crate lover!

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