At DogRelations we believe that dogs thrive on real food as opposed to processed food. When it comes to health we believe that puppies and dogs deserve nothing but the best. We like our clients’ pups to beam with health, shiny coats and a very healthy weight on the lean side.

Let us guide you to finding the best and freshest food choices for your puppy or dog to assure your dog gets the best chance to live a very long and healthy life!

Optimal nutrition is a great basis for well-balanced behavior as well.

Real food treats and snacks are also highly important. Don’t get fooled by labels that say natural, organic or holistic. Read the actual ingredients list.

At DogRelations we have done all the work for you. So if you want to give your dog well balanced and complete food choices call us and we will design a great menu including treats and snacks and proper portioning for you. Speaking of proper portions: We can also design a safe and healthy weight-loss program for you.

Contact us to find the optimal choice for nutrition for your dog today.