Common Sense Counseling for Dogs and their Humans.  Thoughtful, Individualized, Effective.

At DogRelations we are convinced that a dog’s mental and physical well-being are strongly connected. Our primary objective is to design a program that suits your dog and ensures that you and your dog can spend many fun filled and healthy years together.

Humans and dogs develop much deeper and more meaningful relationships in an environment of kind and benevolent, simple and direct communication.

Good health and even keeled behavior, proper nutrition and plenty of mental stimulation go hand-in-hand to forge a mutually satisfying and joyful relationship.

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We believe that it all starts with food that is free of chemicals, preservatives or cheap and overly processed ingredients. In other words: dogs as living beings need real food as opposed to extruded pellets that masquerade in a cute package as “dog food”.

Weight management is sometimes a struggle. Feeding recommendations on packages are often quite “generous”. Let us help you figure out how many calories your dog actually needs.

Let us show you alternative ways of feeding your dog that will help with manners as well as with boredom and appetite issues.

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What is the right kind and the right amount of exercise?

Lots of behavior issues stem from the fact that your dog is either under exercised or possibly over stimulated. The proper mixture of running/playing and walking combined with mental stimulation depends on your dog’s character, breed, age and behavior issues.

DogRelations will recommend and implement a program appropriate to your individual situation; or tweak a program you have started and isn’t producing the results you expected.

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To learn more about our dog wellness counseling services, contact us by phone at (917) 783-1473 or our contact form.

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Elisabeth is amazing. She sees things most vets and trainers don’t see. I’m looking forward to working with her to train my 5mo old puppy to be a therapy dog.

Niseema Dayan Diemer

Simba is doing great! I love the change – he got more calm since I switched his food and treats, and he loves his crate now as well
What I love about Elisabeth is that she looks at the companion animal as a whole being!! She considers how and what the dog is being fed, the lifestyle and all established habits in the relationship between the client and the dog. Then she starts. Elisabeth is quite focused. I can truly say that she understands the dogs’ needs and the reasons for their behavioral issues. She makes it easy for the humans to see the roots of the difficulties they are experiencing and creates an effective path to improvement in quality of life for all. petropolist.com