NYC Puppy Training

The first and most common association with the term “Puppy training” seems to be the idea of “house training”. Surely that is a huge concern everyone has when bringing a puppy into their home.

Puppy training in New York City is so much more than that. Teaching your dog certain skills is all well and good but what the puppy really needs to learn is which behaviors will make him a “good” dog in your eyes.

Barking, crying, jumping, pawing, nipping are all “normal” puppy behaviors. Human social rules are a bit different though. A puppy will very quickly learn which behaviors work to get human attention. How and when you reward behaviors play a huge role in teaching your pup which behaviors you love and which you are not so fond of.

What We Do

At DogRelations NYC we pay particular attention to the behavioral aspects of raising a puppy and guide you so you do not inadvertently reinforce behaviors you would prefer not to see.

The other huge idea we propose is the actual application of basic skills such as sit/stay/settle, come and “leave it” or basic impulse control by showing you the many ways you can integrate them into fun challenges for your dog and at the same time make life much easier.

Example I might get a call from a client who is complaining that he cannot tie his shoes in peace because his puppy wants to play with the laces while he is doing that. Interestingly, even though this puppy has already acquired a myriad of skills that he gladly and happily performs, the client experiences a state of helplessness and in the moment can only think of getting annoyed at the puppy and yelling “no” “stop it” or similar things.

One of the most important insights for puppy guardians to learn is that these “basic obedience “ skills are very handy and can be used in an interactive way throughout the day.

Since you want your puppy to be able to perform under more distracting and challenging circumstances, use the distractions you naturally create in your daily comings and goings.

Making Puppy Training Fun

Ask your puppy to sit and then go and sit down and tie your shoelaces. If the puppy remains in “sit” reward you puppy!


Ask your puppy to “settle” and go throw out the garbage…and so on.

What Can you Expect?

At DogRelations NYC we will make you a guardian who is aware and in tune with your puppy and guide you in raising a well behaved and happy companion.

It takes only a small amount of effort and you will encourage your dog to expect direction from you. As a result your dog will be intellectually engaged and truly participating in your life all the time. Puppy manners will happen and they will please the human in the relationship.

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