I create a friendly, safe and highly rewarding environment for puppies and dogs to learn quickly and efficiently in a caring and playful atmosphere.

“Training” your dog really just means to guide your dog to perfectly integrate into your personal lifestyle while fulfilling your dog’s inherent needs at the same time. I create a program for your unique situation and support you throughout the process to ensure that you and your dog are successful. Nothing is more important to me than allowing you to experience the best possible relationship with your animal companion. I am committed to a force free, science based process in a playful and loving atmosphere.

Nothing is more rewarding than having clear, consistent communication between you and your dog. I want to teach dogs and their guardians how to get that bond.”

Puppy Training

The focus for this training is on reinforcing house training, establishing polite manners and building confidence in your puppy while educating guardians in the practical application of positive reinforcement

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Behavior Training & Modification

Designed to provide maximum support and guidance for first-time dog guardians and/or to address behavior problems such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, resource guarding, adult house soiling or a variety of fear and fear aggression issues.

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Psychiatric Service Dog Training

I can teach your dog to perform tasks that help mitigate your stressful or anxious moments. Together we determine which behaviors your dog should be trained to recognize and then perform these tasks.

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Wellness + Enrichment

Mental and physical well-being are strongly connected. My primary objective is to design a program that suits your dog and ensures that you and your dog can spend as many fun-filled and healthy years together as possible.

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At DogRelations NYC we provide versatile and personalized dog training solutions. Opt for in-person training at your home or in our studio to address everything from house training to complex behavior issues, or choose the virtual online sessions for flexibility and convenience. Our commitment is to offer support and guidance, ensuring your dog’s training aligns with your lifestyle and goals, all through the power of positive reinforcement.

Puppies and Leashes | Dog relations NYC


The carefully thought out and well-proportioned design of the Haqihana harness guarantees maximum comfort in all situations. Any kind of pressure would be safely distributed onto the dog’s sternum and thorax only, even when the dog is pulling, jerking or being restrained. The harness therefore never causes pain or skin chafing. If properly used in combination with the longer leash the dog feels free of restriction and allows the dog to move naturally. The two buckles on the dog’s back make putting on and removing the harness easy for both the dog and the handler.

Got a quick question or curious if my training approach aligns with your lifestyle? Book a 15-minute Initial Call and let’s connect! This brief session is your gateway to personalized training for your unique needs. My online services are designed to enhance your training and handling skills, fostering effective communication between you and your dog.  After each hour-long session, expect a follow-up email summarizing key points and resources, setting you up for continued success with your dog.

* All of my courses and training can be taught online with the exception of hands-on therapy techniques.