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DogRelations™ NYC dog training specializes in teaching dogs and puppies to choose the behaviors you’d like your dog to display because it pays off for both of you. That way the process is always fun and interesting. This means giving your dog a clear understanding of behaviors you want to encourage while having fun and developing a close relationship. Dogs thrive on honest, direct and consistent communication, just like friends who completely trust and rely on one another.

Really, is there anything more rewarding than having clear and loving communication with your dog?

Online coaching sessions available!

Online sessions via video chat are great opportunities to get a detailed private lesson at home. We can easily observe you and your dog and give you exact guidance in real time. If you need help with a particular skill or with a nuisance behavior we can help you solve that as well. Consider a private lesson and improve your relationship with your dog by booking an online session. Clean, safe, fun and educational.
NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness | Dog Relations puppy Elgar


NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness | Elisabeth Weiss walking her dog Zeldi


NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness | Dog Trainer Dog Relations NYC


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