Elisabeth creates a happy, safe and highly rewarding environment for puppies and dogs to learn quickly and efficiently in a caring and playful atmosphere.

Elisabeth works with your dog’s inherent talents and preferences to capture and offer the good behaviors you’d like them to display, while providing tangible solutions to eliminate your dog’s less desirable actions. With precise and insightful direction, she empowers guardians to communicate easily and effectively, enabling them to form and maintain a deep and meaningful bond with their dogs.

New Service!

Small Group Dog Training

We are now offering semi-private, customized in-person training sessions! Enjoy safe socializing and training for your puppy or dog with Elisabeth Weiss. All sessions will take place at Petropolis.

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All clients are provided with a detailed understanding of positive reinforcement and how it gives your dog a happy life… every dog guardian’s dream!


I recommend starting with my 1.5 hr Comprehensive Consultation. During this personalized session, I thoroughly evaluate your dog or puppy’s needs, identify and address any questions or concerns you may have, and teach you specifically how to engage with your dog to achieve your desired outcomes. You will receive my continued guidance via email, text or calls for up to one month after the consultation, so you and your dog feel supported after our session. I encourage you to come back with any and all questions that might come up, be it handling skills or dealing with unexpected behaviors. There will be a detailed written review of your session as well!

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Nothing is more rewarding than having clear, consistent communication between you and your dog. I want to teach dogs and owners how to get that bond.”

— Elisabeth Weiss

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Greatly improve your training and handling skills so you and your dog can communicate more effectively, all from your computer screen! No matter if you want to work on a basic behavior,  a fun trick or need to solve and discuss a particular behavior issue; by booking an online session, you will have access to all of my in-person services and programs. Sessions are usually about an hour long and will be followed up with an email detailing all of the information and resources we discussed in the session.

* All of my courses and training can be taught online with the exception of hands-on therapy techniques, where it is recommended you book a private, in-person session.

Save $300 when you book 3 sessions!

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