I create a friendly, safe and highly rewarding environment for puppies and dogs to learn quickly and efficiently in a caring and playful atmosphere.

“Training” your dog really just means to guide your dog to perfectly integrate into your personal lifestyle while fulfilling your dog’s inherent needs at the same time. I create a program for your unique situation and support you throughout the process to ensure that you and your dog are successful. Nothing is more important to me than allowing you to experience the best possible relationship with your animal companion. I am committed to a force free, science based process in a playful and loving atmosphere.

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Nothing is more rewarding than having clear, consistent communication between you and your dog. I want to teach dogs and their guardians how to get that bond.”

— Elisabeth Weiss

Puppies and Leashes | Dog relations NYC

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The carefully thought out and well-proportioned design of the Haqihana harness guarantees maximum comfort in all situations. Any kind of pressure would be safely distributed onto the dog’s sternum and thorax only, even when the dog is pulling, jerking or being restrained. The harness therefore never causes pain or skin chafing. If properly used in combination with the longer leash the dog feels free of restriction and allows the dog to move naturally. The two buckles on the dog’s back make putting on and removing the harness easy for both the dog and the handler.

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Greatly improve your training and handling skills so you and your dog can communicate more effectively, all from your computer screen! By booking an online session, you will have access to all of my in-person services and programs*. Sessions are usually about an hour long and will be followed up with an email detailing all of the information and resources we discussed in the session.

* All of my courses and training can be taught online with the exception of hands-on therapy techniques.

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