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A well- behaved dog is a happy dog. A happy dog is a dog who has been taught what to do in most situations and chooses those behaviors voluntarily because there is no downside to them. Learn how to reward your dog by reinforcing the calm, polite and attentive behaviors. Successfully modify any nuisance behaviors that might be inadvertently reinforced such as excessive barking, barking/lunging/jumping on people entering the house, leash aggression towards other dogs or a variety of anxiety issues. At Dog Relations, I find solutions for these and many other problems that make it clear and straightforward for you both! I teach the basic skills of course but also teach the dogs when and how to use those skills without nagging or prompting. We know that dogs thrive when they know how to have choice and control. All we need to do is heavily reinforce incompatible replacement behaviors for the ones that are natural to dogs but do not align with our human point of view. The dogs can confidently choose those highly rewarded and reinforced behaviors and you get to be the proud and loving guardian communicating with kindness, attention and all the love you are ready to give.

All too often guardians inadvertently provide reinforcement for undesirable behaviors. As part of my private training, I teach you how to become aware of how inadvertent reinforcement happens so that you can avoid those common pitfalls while having a loving, caring and fun relationship with your dog.

The Benefits

Enhanced Wellbeing

Dogs and humans who are prepared and know what to do in situations that make them feel uncomfortable will greatly reduce the risk of accidents or conflicts. Learn how to keep everyone safe by managing the environment while you are in the learning process and prevent the behavior from happening in the first place. You might have a dog who dislikes having guests in the house or delivery people ringing your doorbell or a dog who lunges at dogs or strangers in the street. You will learn how to first manage those situations to then change your dog’s mind about those situations by modifying the dog’s response to their triggers.

Service Options


A Comprehensive Behavior Consultation gives you the knowledge and the hands-on tools to both prevent and/or modify possible nuisance behaviors.

When you learn how positive reinforcement actually forges a very clear line of communication and teaches your dog how to earn reinforcement, you can both establish great habits from the get-go, and modify nuisance behaviors into polite behaviors. Behaviors such as barking, jumping up, pulling on a leash, begging at the table, or restlessness at home can easily be avoided in the first place but they can also be replaced by building a great reward history for replacement behaviors.

The Comprehensive Behavior Consultation will allow you to solve and prevent problems by giving you insight into how behaviors work and allowing you to understand the functions of behaviors. Thinking from the dog’s point of view will allow you to fulfill both your dog’s and your own needs at the same time

Initial Behavior Consultation

With one-month of support, this consultation is designed to provide maximum support and guidance for first-time dog guardians and/or to address behavior problems.
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The carefully thought out and well-proportioned design of the Haqihana harness guarantees maximum comfort in all situations. Any kind of pressure would be safely distributed onto the dog’s sternum and thorax only, even when the dog is pulling, jerking or being restrained. The harness therefore never causes pain or skin chafing. If properly used in combination with the longer leash the dog feels free of restriction and allows the dog to move naturally. The two buckles on the dog’s back make putting on and removing the harness easy for both the dog and the handler.

Dog Relations advocates science-based and force-free learning opportunities and experiences. Learn how to teach your dog basic skills in a fun and rewarding way!

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