Mental and physical well-being are strongly connected. My primary objective is to design a program that suits your dog and ensures that you and your dog can spend as many fun-filled and healthy years together as possible. Good health and even-keeled behavior, proper nutrition and plenty of mental stimulation go hand-in-hand to forge a mutually satisfying and joyful relationship!

Body Awareness and Injury Prevention

Private, in-home body conditioning services are beneficial to all dogs but are especially important for dogs who are predisposed to injury due to congenitally unstable joints, sports injuries, arthritis and cognitive degeneration.

We provide carefully tailored private,
in-home services in New York City for:
  • Post surgery and post injury
  • Sports conditioning for working dogs
  • Body conditioning for senior dogs, dogs with arthritis
  • Occupational Therapy /Mental stimulation for chronically ill and senior dogs
  • Body awareness /training for overweight dogs
  • Dogs with orthopedic issues (ie: weak knee caps, hip dysplasia)
Results Include:
  • Improved reaction and control
  • Increased core strength
  • Stabilization of weak areas
  • Improved balance and proprioception (awareness of the body’s position in space)
  • Increased range of motion in joints & elongation of the muscles
  • Improved sensory & body awareness
  • Preventing sports-related injuries
  • Improved cognitive awareness and decreased depression

There are so many  reasons why increased body awareness can prevent injuries and provide excellent stimulation for dogs of any age. Post injury/post surgery dogs recover better and more completely given an intelligent exercise program. Dogs with arthritis can experience improved range of motion and flexibility through gentle stretching, massage, as well as core stabilizing exercises. Senior dogs love to play mentally stimulating and endorphin-producing games that help prevent ‘doggie Alzheimer’s’ and depression.

Contact me and let me help give your dog a healthier, higher quality of life!

When we say Comprehensive
we truly mean it!

Is your dog overweight? A picky eater? Unmotivated? Did you notice your dog has trouble getting up, or is slow sitting down? Does your dog lack exercise? Is the coat not healthy and shiny?

During the Comprehensive Wellness Consultation, we address all of those issues and motivate your dog to eat with gusto. We do fun enrichment walks and use some of your household equipment to build great obstacle courses inside your home or create puzzles for your dog to solve. They will learn useful tricks to turn them into a “helper” dog!

All of the above will be fun for both humans and dogs. It will enhance your relationship and greatly enhance the quality of life for your mixed-species household.

Diet and Exercise

In New York City, a lot of dogs are latchkey dogs who get minimal exercise while you are at work all day. An alarming number of our dogs are overweight because they have access to food, treats and high calorie biscuits and bones all day long. Carrying around too much weight increases stress on the tendons, ligaments and the tissue surrounding the joints thus increasing the risk for cruciate ligament rupture, hip dysplasia, disc disease and soft tissue injuries of all kinds.

Without question, the best way to combat obesity and restore health is to combine diet change with increased exercise.

At DogRelations NYC, we design a balanced, highly nutritious diet, as well as a sensible and safe exercise program for your dog that allows them to gain healthy, lean muscle tissue while losing fat. Our exercise program includes interval training with your dog to gradually build up endurance and strength for a healthy cardiovascular system, mentally stimulating games to shift the dog’s focus away from food, and core exercises to strengthen joints, increase motion and maintain an injury-free, more active lifestyle!

Give us a call and let’s get your dog back to a healthy weight so they can have maximum quality of life and increased longevity!

Dog Nutrition

We believe that it all starts with food that is free of chemicals, preservatives or cheap and overly-processed ingredients. In other words: dogs as living beings need real food as opposed to extruded pellets that masquerade in a cute package as “dog food”. When it comes to health, we believe that puppies and dogs deserve nothing but the best. We like our clients’ pups to beam with health, shiny coats and a very healthy weight on the lean side.

At DogRelations we have done all the work for you. So if you want to give your dog well-balanced, complete and delicious food choices, contact us and we will design a great menu including treats, snacks and proper portioning for you.

Let us guide you to finding the best and freshest food choices for your puppy or dog to assure they get the best chance to live a very long and healthy life!

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The carefully thought out and well-proportioned design of the Haqihana harness guarantees maximum comfort in all situations. Any kind of pressure would be safely distributed onto the dog’s sternum and thorax only, even when the dog is pulling, jerking or being restrained. The harness therefore never causes pain or skin chafing. If properly used in combination with the longer leash the dog feels free of restriction and allows the dog to move naturally. The two buckles on the dog’s back make putting on and removing the harness easy for both the dog and the handler.

Dog Relations advocates science-based and force-free learning opportunities and experiences. Learn how to teach your dog basic skills in a fun and rewarding way!

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