I know that bringing a new puppy home is one of the most exciting events in anyone’s life! I also know that sometimes you need help organizing your thoughts.  Having a plan of action ready to go will avoid frustration and those “what do I do now” moments. Puppy classes are great for socializing with other dogs and humans and exploring some basic skills in a distracting environment but they usually do not provide enough information about how to raise your puppy to avoid nuisance or problem behaviors as your puppy matures.

At Dog Relations, I help you integrate your puppy quickly and easily. Puppy training touches upon all aspects of raising and managing your puppy successfully, including: housetraining, crate training (if desired), reinforcing polite manners, addressing and preventing fear and anxiety triggers and much more!

I help you raise your puppy in a kind, force-free atmosphere and teach you to communicate with them as clearly as possible. Gaining an excellent understanding of how positive reinforcement actually works can empower you to shape your dog’s behavior throughout your lives together.

The Benefits

A Better Understanding Of How Your Puppy Learns

Behavioral puppy training allows you to find a path that satisfies both your and the puppy’s needs by providing a clear path forward. You can influence your puppy’s behavior through well-timed, proper reinforcement and clear body language and, in doing so, help your puppy understand the polite behaviors that will reward them. This atmosphere of conflict-free understanding builds a strong foundation for trust and voluntary cooperation.

Service Options


A Comprehensive Behavior Consultation gives you the knowledge and the hands-on tools to both prevent and/or modify possible nuisance behaviors.

When you learn how positive reinforcement actually forges a very clear line of communication and teaches your dog how to earn reinforcement, you can both establish great habits from the get-go, and modify nuisance behaviors into polite behaviors. Behaviors such as barking, jumping up, pulling on a leash, begging at the table, or restlessness at home can easily be avoided in the first place but they can also be replaced by building a great reward history for replacement behaviors.

The Comprehensive Behavior Consultation will allow you to solve and prevent problems by giving you insight into how behaviors work and allowing you to understand the functions of behaviors. Thinking from the dog’s point of view will allow you to fulfill both your dog’s and your own needs at the same time.

Comprehensive Puppy Behavior Consultation

This consultation is designed to provide maximum support and guidance for first-time dog guardians and/or to address behavior problems.
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The carefully thought out and well-proportioned design of the Haqihana harness guarantees maximum comfort in all situations. Any kind of pressure would be safely distributed onto the dog’s sternum and thorax only, even when the dog is pulling, jerking or being restrained. The harness therefore never causes pain or skin chafing. If properly used in combination with the longer leash the dog feels free of restriction and allows the dog to move naturally. The two buckles on the dog’s back make putting on and removing the harness easy for both the dog and the handler.

Dog Relations advocates science-based and force-free learning opportunities and experiences. Learn how to teach your dog basic skills in a fun and rewarding way!

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