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DogRelations™ NYC dog training is really about positive reinforcement training in an enjoyable and life enriching way. This means giving your dog a clear understanding of behaviors you want to encourage while having fun and developing a close relationship. Dogs thrive on honest, direct and consistent communication, just like friends who completely trust and rely on one another.

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A former professional violinist from Vienna, Weiss got into dog training accidentally, through owning dogs, including an Irish wolfhound named Salome (after the Strauss opera), whose size, beauty, and manners had made her a bit of a neighborhood celebrity along the walking paths of the West Village.

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About Elisabeth Weiss

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Elisabeth Weiss

Founder, Director

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APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers)
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Certified in Canine First Aid by the American Red Cross.

Elisabeth Weiss, founder and director of DogRelations™ is a dog behavior counselor living in New York City.


Her goal is to address the needs of our canine companions and enable humans to make their interactions with dogs clear, easy and more satisfying for both dogs and humans.


Elisabeth’s belief is that every dog is a unique individual and that the training process needs to be tailored to each specific circumstance accordingly.


Elisabeth is committed to using common sense and affirmative training methods to educate dogs. New York’s Thoughtful, Individualized and Effective Dog Training and Counseling Services

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My cats panda and teddy loved her instantly and after only one consultation with her and the extensive advice she provided my big problems with my cats was solved. My cats had taken to using my couches and valuable rugs as their bathroom! Thank you for your great help! www.morganelefay.com
What I love about Elisabeth is that she looks at the companion animal as a whole being!! She considers how and what the dog is being fed, the lifestyle and all established habits in the relationship between the client and the dog. Then she starts. Elisabeth is quite focused. I can truly say that she understands the dogs’ needs and the reasons for their behavioral issues. She makes it easy for the humans to see the roots of the difficulties they are experiencing and creates an effective path to improvement in quality of life for all. petropolist.com