Common Sense Counseling for Dogs and their Humans.  Thoughtful, Individualized, and Effective.

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Common Questions

  1. Initial Comprehensive Consultation with 1 month support – $450
  2. Brief Consultation with 2 weeks support – $375
  3. 1 Training Session – $275

Your dog will look to you for information across their whole lives. Every interaction with your dog / puppy will shape their behavior going forward. So essentially, my answer is as soon as you bring your puppy home and as long as you have your dog!

A single lesson lasts for an hour, and a comprehensive consultation is 90 minutes. You have the option of an in-person session or a virtual lesson, online.

Every puppy and dog is different, so this is very dependent on your individual goals. Usually, I can cover all fundamental behavior training in 3 – 5 lessons.