Wellness Consultation

Initial Wellness Consultation

The Initial Wellness Consultations provides an in-depth assessment of your dog’s overall health and well-being with the goal to help your companion lead a longer and healthier life by preventing or improving physical imbalances and implementing a tailored wellness and nutrition plan.

Assessment of Body Condition and Gait Issues:

By performing a thorough evaluation of your dog’s body condition and gait, I will identify any issues that may affect their movement and comfort. This assessment will make you aware of potential weak areas that would be more injury prone in the future, and I will show you specific exercises and games that will strengthen those areas and lead to a more balanced and healthy physique.

Nutrition and Caloric Intake:

Good nutrition is key to a dog’s health, and I will analyze your current food choices and discuss your dog’s dietary needs and caloric intake to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrients for optimal health. I can recommend a variety of excellent food choices to help them reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Fitness Program:

Based on the results of our assessment, we can create a realistic and fun fitness program that specifically addresses any physical problems and weak areas of the body. This program will be tailored to the specific needs of the dog at the time of the evaluation and include exercises from core strengthening to hind leg awareness and proprioception improvements and to improve overall health and mobility.

Medical History and Surgery:

If your dog is recovering from surgery or has an obvious orthopedic problem and you want to try and avoid or postpone surgery if, at all possible, we can design an appropriate physio regime in concert with your veterinarian. I am also more than happy to coordinate a post-op exercise routine following the recommendations of your veterinary surgeon.

Program for Senior Dogs with Mobility loss or suffering from mental decline:

For senior dogs with arthritis or other medical conditions affecting mobility, keeping them moving is really important. An individually designed stretching, massage, and strength program can contribute greatly to maintain their mobility and muscle mass and postpone atrophy. The whole family will be happier if you can keep your dog mobile and pain-free as long as possible to increase longevity and quality of life.

At DogRelations NYC, I believe in a holistic approach to dog wellness, and I am committed to providing the best environment for your dog to thrive. The Initial Wellness Consultation is the first step in achieving this goal, and I look forward to working with you and your dog.

Can be done in the guardian’s home or in a studio environment.

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