Initial Behavior Consultation

1 Month Support

This consultation is designed to provide maximum support and guidance for first-time dog guardians and/or to address behavior problems such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, resource guarding, adult house soiling or a variety of fear and fear aggression issues.

During this personalized session, I thoroughly evaluate your dog’s or puppy’s needs, identify and address any questions or concerns you may have, and teach you specifically how to engage with your dog to achieve your desired outcomes. After our initial session is complete, I will provide you with a detailed and tailored plan to develop polite manners for your new puppy and behavior modification to solve any issues. You will also receive my continued guidance via email, text or phone call for up to one month after the initial consultation to make sure you feel supported and confident that you are on your path to success.

I encourage you to come back with any and all questions that might come up, be it handling skills or dealing with unexpected behaviors. There will be a detailed written review of your session as well!

What You Get

  • 90 minute session assessing behaviors to be modified and jumpstarting replacement behaviors, or designing management options, or a combination of those options.
  • Provided a detailed review of everything covered in the session.
  • One month support after the session via phone, text, and email.

Why Choose This

  • Designed for guardians who are planning to apply those new guidelines themselves and follow through with recommendations.
  • Works well for new puppies, establishing a way of reinforcing polite manners and addressing a single overriding issue.

1 Month Support – Book 1 session, follow ups done in person

Follow up lessons to be determined at time of the consultation or during the support month.


Follow Up Lessons

Purchase follow-up sessions now and save.

Note: 4 Follow-Up Lessons must be used within one month of your Puppy Comprehensive Consultation.

In-Person service for all of Manhattan, most of Brooklyn and Long Island City 
Private sessions are not available in the Bronx or Staten Island

For special tricks, platform training or small group classes please inquire for rates and opportunities at [email protected]

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