3M Leashes with Two Brema Snap-Hooks

The Haqihana leashes are long and very lightweight and have a silky feel.
The lighter the leash the less constricted the dog will feel in the first place. Therefore it will allow puppies to adjust to being on leash much easier: The leash is visually behind the dog, making pulling and leash biting hardly an issue anymore. The leash does not get caught underfoot because it attaches to the Haqihana harness on the back nor does it get tangled when the dog or puppy moves from side to side to allow sniffing because the leash attachment clips are swivel mounted. The leashes also can easily be opened to the full 3m length to allow ample exploring and sniffing.

All Haqihana products are guaranteed for any kind of damage for 5 years.

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