Service Dog Initial Consultation

This Consultation is an evaluation of your dog’s current skill set  for public access and for the actual service provided by the dog. Providing a plan to refine those skills and prepare the dog to perform as a service dog in private and public.

No matter what job your service dog performs for you, traveling requires a behavior skill set that your dog might not really have. I can help your dog acquire those skills so you can be sure that you are both confident and stress-free when you travel.

I will help you train your dog until I feel comfortable attesting to the fact that your dog can travel with you and can reliably behave in public.

Your dog needs to be:

  • Fully House trained
  • Able to settle on the floor next to you even with major distractions
  • Show no aggression towards other dogs or humans
  • No jumping up on strangers
  • No barking
  • No begging for food 

Please note: In order to qualify as a Psychiatric Service Dog your dog needs to be prescribed by a mental health professional, regardless of how well trained they might be. I can only fulfill the airlines’ and Department of Transportation’s (DOT) requirement that the dog is safe in public and well behaved.

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