Service Dog Initial Consultation

This Consultation is an evaluation of your dog’s current skill set  for public access and for the actual service provided by the dog. Providing a plan to refine those skills and prepare the dog to perform as a service dog in private and public.

No matter what job your service dog performs for you, traveling requires a behavior skill set that your dog might not really have. I can help your dog acquire those skills so you can be sure that you are both confident and stress-free when you travel.

I will help you train your dog until I feel comfortable attesting to the fact that your dog can travel with you and can reliably behave in public.

Your dog needs to be:

  • Fully House trained
  • Able to settle on the floor next to you even with major distractions
  • Show no aggression towards other dogs or humans
  • No jumping up on strangers
  • No barking
  • No begging for food 

Please note: In order to qualify as a Psychiatric Service Dog your dog needs to be prescribed by a mental health professional, regardless of how well trained they might be. I can only fulfill the airlines’ and Department of Transportation’s (DOT) requirement that the dog is safe in public and well behaved.


In-Person service for all of Manhattan, most of Brooklyn and Long Island City 
Private sessions are not available in the Bronx or Staten Island

For special tricks, platform training or small group classes please inquire for rates and opportunities at [email protected]

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