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NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness | Dog Training at our studio

Dog Relations New York Training Studio

We now have a studio! The home-like atmosphere of the studio allows us to teach dogs and puppies manners that will transfer easily when they are back home. Sessions at…
NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness | Puppy training tips

Puppy Training: Are You Asking Too Much, Too Soon?

Conventional advice given will say: don’t reinforce the dog’s behavior when he is “misbehaving”. This may apply to certain situations, for example: don’t pat your dog while he is clawing…
NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness | understanding reinforcement

Dog Training: Understanding Reinforcement

My dog is stubborn! He doesn’t listen! Wait….really? Maybe the “stubborn” behavior is the result of your own behavior. Maybe you have inadvertently sent out messages that reinforce the dog…