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Dog Eating Watermelon | NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness |

What Is the Most Valuable Treat for Your Dog?

When it comes to rewarding your dog, considering the salience of the value is as important as the nutritional quality or what you are offering. Many pre-packaged dog food treats are…
Crate Training | NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness |

Crate Training 101

Patience, kindness and persistence go a long way when teaching any new skill in life. This is of course also true when it comes to introducing a crate to your…
Cute Puppy | NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness |

consequences for nuisance behaviors

One of the first things I taught my puppy Zeldi is to settle on the floor during food preparations, human and canine. She knows that very well. as soon as…
Painting of Large dog and small dog | NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness |

“Greed” in the context of dog training

When talking about greed in the context of teaching dogs I think of the following:    The lack of generosity in rewarding behaviors you want to promote  Asking for too…
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Thinking from the dog’s point of view

The general advice for extinguishing unwanted behaviors is to “ignore” those behaviors. I think that simply saying “ignore the behavior” is not exactly the right way to put it. If…
Photo of Zeldi - Dog Photo | NYC Dog Trainer Services & Dog Wellness |

Rewarding Dogs Without Food

Recently I learned more about the Premack principle in a webinar given by Kathy Sdao who is an admirable animal trainer. I was interested in learning more about how I…