Dog Training Tips

Timing Is (Almost) Everything 

Reward Placement I talk quite a bit about reward placement and delivery (thrown, rewarding directly to the dog, or on the floor in front of the dog, etc.); but I…

Alphabet Soup

Common Puppy Behavior Challenges I often receive inquiries from people who are frustrated with their puppies’ overall behavior. “They don’t listen” “they jump” “they bark” “they pull on the leash”…
How to train your dog to be calm

Here is a reminder of how behavior works

All reinforced behaviors will increase in frequency in the future. This includes behaviors the puppy finds reinforcing simply because they work in their favor or they are simply self-reinforcing because…
holding paws

Ever Evolving

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyesMarcel Proust Dog “Training” is evolving at an astonishing pace and in fascinating discoveries. It…
The story of Alik | Dog Relations

The Story of Alik

This is the perfect story of why training helps a dog be a good dog and makes life easier for them. I received a call from a woman who said she needed help with her six-month-old Malamute. Read more!

Puppies and Leashes | Dog relations NYC

Puppies and Leashes

Why does your puppy need to wear a leash in the house? This blog post tells you all there is to know about this

My Dogs Do Not Need “Training”

Just like traffic flows in waves I find that dog behavior topics seem to come up in waves. The cases I’ve dealt with are all about multiple dog households. Recognizing…

Choice + Control for Our Dogs

How do you feel when you are either ignored or told what to do? When you do not have control? Speaking for myself: I don’t like it at all. Realizing…