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NYmag “The Strategist” Feature

I am pleased to share some exciting news. I was recently featured in not just one but two articles in NYMag’s renowned column, “The Strategist.” These articles, “10 Best Chew…
How to train your dog to be calm

Here is a reminder of how behavior works

All reinforced behaviors will increase in frequency in the future. This includes behaviors the puppy finds reinforcing simply because they work in their favor or they are simply self-reinforcing because…
The story of Alik | Dog Relations

The Story of Alik

This is the perfect story of why training helps a dog be a good dog and makes life easier for them. I received a call from a woman who said she needed help with her six-month-old Malamute. Read more!

My Great Dog Training Realization

I have great admiration for trainers who work with non-domesticated animals. I just love to see a walrus open their mouth on cue to have their tusks measured or see…