How to book to get the best results


Start with a consultation!

It will raise your awareness of how positive reinforcement works in practical day-to-day interactions you have with your puppy, how to go about house training, how to shape your companion’s behavior and how to prepare their immediate environment to make good choices easy and fun.

After that consultation, you can either choose

  1. A puppy lesson pack if you’d like to have your puppy or dog trained by me in basic and not-so-basic skills ( settling on a mat and staying there even with distractions, keeping all paws on the floor, walking on a leash, accepting basic grooming, coming when called, sit, down and some extra tricks)
  2. Book follow-up lessons one session at a time.

Behavior issues

Separation Anxiety, Fear Issues, Leash Aggression, Excessive Barking/Lunging, etc.

Start with a consultation!

This consultation will allow you to discover games you can play with your dog to immediately manage those unwanted behaviors and improve their self-confidence. Discover how you might have inadvertently reinforced some of their nuisance behaviors and how to turn that around for you and them. Learn how to address their separation anxiety and give them the skills they need to cope. Lastly, how to make polite replacement behaviors fun, easy, and more rewarding for your dog so they choose those over their current nuisance or possibly dangerous behaviors.

Book follow-up lessons for me to practice with your dog to get faster results and more enjoyment for you as you take over. Book follow-up lessons for me to coach you with your handling skills if you have the time and dedication to practice with your dog on your own.

All Consultations come with one month of support via text/email/brief phone calls. If you are a client and are past the 1 month support period but have an urgent question choose an Online Check-In!

Would you like to see if your dog can become your Psychiatric Service Dog?

Start with a consultation!

Choosing the location:
At home is best, especially for puppies. I will do my utmost to travel to you. However, if you are far away from Manhattan you can arrange to come to the studio which is a serene, clean, and distraction-free environment in Manhattan. Studio bookings made online are subject to day/time adjustments. I will reach out to you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment time in case there is a booking conflict. DogRelations does not have direct access to the studio booking system.

Online or virtual appointments are often very practical for follow-up lessons. I can very clearly help you with your handling skills and help you progress to the next level of skills for your dog to learn.