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Laurie Anderson’s movie featuring Lolabelle

http://variety.com/2015/film/festivals/telluride-film-review-heart-of-a-dog-1201586251/ Telluride Film Review: ‘Heart of a Dog’ SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 | 08:15PM PT Laurie Anderson’s first feature film in nearly 30 years is a goofy, lyrical paean to puppy…
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Manners: Impulse control

Puppy manners is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. Just because you have taught your puppy “sit” does not mean that you will have a well behaved dog.…

doggie dinner time!

such polite dogs Sadie, Lily, Mya and Elias showing such beautiful impulse control. Aside from that it was so funny visually that I thought it to be worthy of a…