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Canine manners

I would like to convince people that saying “no” or making other weird sounds that are supposedly serving as general inhibitors is futile.

I don’t want Fifi to bark and jump on guests. Sure! But what would you like to see Fifi do instead? “I just want her to be well behaved.”

Here is where the picture becomes fuzzy. Now, if you are fuzzy about the specifics, imagine how confusing and fuzzy Fifi is about this?

This video shows very nicely how helpful it is to have a specific goal in mind and then teach your dog that behavior.

Thinking in specifics is a great step towards wrapping your head around positive reinforcement training.

  1. […] When applied to house training your puppy or even an older dog, drawing very clear distinctions is important. We know that peeing and pooping are necessary vital functions and to reprimand a dog for doing that is simply inhumane. The old fashioned ways are simply unacceptable. In addition to being unnecessarily cruel they also can produce fallout behaviors. Read More > […]

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