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Group Classes starting Monday, February 7th 2011

I am pleased to announce a series of six classes each of “Mostly Agility” and “Teaching Tricks”.

I call it: “Mostly Agility” because not only are we going to have fun with the agility equipment, but we will take the opportunity to reinforce basic obedience in order to allow us to have even more fun.

Tricks” are actually good body conditioning exercises for dogs. In this class dogs will learn a variety of  fun behaviors. This class can be a pathway to “freestyle”, advanced obedience, but also therapy dog and service dog training.

Place: “Cheeky Dog” Brooklyn


Click on the link right above for info on Cheeky Dog

“Mostly Agility” starts at 6:00pm

“Teaching Tricks” starts at 7:00pm

Fee: The series of six classes is $210 .

If you decide to take both classes the fee for the second class is only an additional $150.

For any questions or to register for class please send an e-mail through the contact page on this site or send an e-mail to

You can also download a PDF file from the Cheeky Dog website ( link above) to register for class.

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