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heart ache

It is almost impossible to describe the pain, the sorrow, the desperation and the frustration we feel when we lose a beloved canine companion. I have been through the unbearable pain myself and I have talked to many people who have struggled emotionally after the death of a most loved animal.

A dog’s lifespan simply is not as long as a human’s. I say this because it helps to keep this in mind.

Take every opportunity to embrace your dog’s personality, the quirks, the shortcomings, the adorable qualities, the funny physical and psychological aspects and accept them and practice your unconditional love in your relationship with your dog. You are your dog’s health advocate, his admiring observer, his playmate, his guide, the center of his universe, his defender, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks: your dog is your heart’s treasure.

When the time comes to say good bye or maybe you do not even have the opportunity to say good bye, the one thing that will stay with you forever is the unique life you and this particular dog shared. I believe that no dog can ever be “replaced”. Just like no human ever can really be ‘replaced”.

I have heard people say that they can never go through this again. They cannot imagine that they would love any other dog like the the one they lost. But the miracle of what dogs can teach us is: YES, you can love even more. Not the same but even more intensely and come even a little closer to that ideal of unconditional love.

I would encourage you to take advantage of your longer lifespan and the opportunity to love even more and get another doggie. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

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