Tips for Spring Dog Grooming in NYC

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It’s spring and we look forward to warmer weather and nice expeditions to the country and the beach with our dogs. As delightful as the warmer weather can be it also brings with it the same question: How to beat the heat? I have two Briards with lush, long coats. I cannot tell you how…

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Did you realize?

A lot of puppies and dogs get diarrhea for a variety of reasons. All too often their vets then put them on so called prescription diets to alleviate the problem quickly. Take a moment, if you will,  and look at the ingredient list on one of those cans or bags. You might be amazed at…

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Keep your dog healthy: Do not vaccinate unnecessarily

older dogs in particular should not be subjected to vaccines unnecessarily The bottom line is that using vaccine titer testing as a means to assess vaccine-induced protection will likely result in your dog avoiding needless and potentially harmful booster vaccinations. That is a huge benefit for a simple blood test!

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Perfect example of a pay-off

Have you ever wondered as to the usefulness of  teaching your dog down/stay or quietly lying on his side? Well: Today my dog Petzi needed to get some x-rays. Thanks to Petzi's skills and the kind techs at  All Caring Animal Hospital in Great Barrington this was accomplished without sedation! What a gift! Petzi…

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Is my dog fat or just “muscular”?

Here is an interesting article by Dr. Sophia Yin about body condition and food motivation. Unfortunately many dogs are quite overweight and in my experience dog guardians tend to underestimate the fact that they are undermining not just the physical health of their dogs but that there are very important behavioral ramifications as well. I…

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Natural Flea and Tick control

My friend Tazz Latifi of Petropolis NYC wrote a highly informative blog post on flea and tick prevention: the natural way. I realize that some areas near the New York City are truly infested with ticks and we are all very concerned about the diseases that fleas and ticks carry. I however cannot believe…

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