A lot of puppies and dogs get diarrhea for a variety of reasons.

All too often their vets then put them on so called prescription diets to alleviate the problem quickly.

Take a moment, if you will,  and look at the ingredient list on one of those cans or bags.

You might be amazed at the myriad of bizarre ingredients.

Are you seeing anything that actually resembles food?

I guess you might recognize words like “hydrolyzed chicken byproduct meal” .

Gee, that sounds so nutritious and delicious: YUMMMY!!! And of course we all have heard of the magic healing qualities of “hydrolyzed chicken byproduct meal” haven’t we?

Generally speaking the endless list of incomprehensible ingredients confuse and make you shake your head and think: “umm…well, I guess THEY know what that is. And THEY put it in there, so there has to be a good reason for that!”

And people do report that once their dogs are fed this diet the poop is “normal” again.

And so they think: “Well, clearly, this is working. It seems that my animal is “doing well”.

And to prevent further bouts of diarrhea they start to feed this food on a regular basis. And who would not be happy to sell them more of this “special” food?

But there is a major fallout from feeding your dog a constant diet of a chemical concoction that artificially produces hard stool that you might not have thought about:

Your dog’s intestinal tract atrophies because it never actually has to perform properly.

The intestines do not have to work any longer to move the food. The food and waste are propelled by artificial means. The intestinal wall through which nutrients are absorbed becomes thinner and less capable of absorption.  The end effect is that not only are you creating a dependency, you are destroying wellness.

Please think about it.


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