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Laurie Anderson Is Telling Stories, Hers and Ours By Jon Pareles In “Heart of a Dog,” Ms. Anderson’s voice-over tells a string of converging stories amid images that can be documentary or nearly abstract: cellphone videos; surveillance footage; home movies old and new; skies and seascapes; and Ms. Anderson’s charcoal drawings of the bardo, the…

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Mention in The Wall Street Journal

Reflecting on ‘A Heart of a Dog’ Taking a walk with performance artist Laurie Anderson and her new dog By Marshall Heyman On Thursday evening, the performance artist Laurie Anderson showed her movie, “Heart of a Dog,” to local audiences at a premiere at the New York Film Festival. But glamorous screenings don’t mean small…

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Featured in Dangerous Minds

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Watch Laurie Anderson’s dog Lolabelle improvise her own experimental music By Amber Frost Laurie Anderson loved her dog Lolabelle. Upon Lola’s passing, Anderson created a lovely sculpture of her ashes in memoriam. She delivered introspective monologues about their relationship. She put on concerts for dogs with Lola sharing the stage (for the record, the music…

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Featured In NY Mag – 14 Tips

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14 Tips From New York’s Most Musical Dog Trainer By Jada Yuan Elisabeth Weiss didn’t know who Lou Reed was when she went to the apartment he shared with Laurie Anderson in 2010 to teach keyboard to their dying rat terrier, Lolabelle — and give their beloved dog a reason to live a little longer.…

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Featured in NYMag

Making House Calls With Elisabeth Weiss, New York’s Most Musical Dog Trainer By Jada Yuan “Wow! Good girl!” Elisabeth Weiss chirps in a voice higher than Olive Oyl’s after inhaling helium. She’s talking to her first client of the day, an 11-year-old black-and-white Border collie named Oreo. They lock eyes, Weiss waves her hand, and…

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