Puppy Training

It’s never too soon to start learning!
Our Complete Puppy Package will help you and your puppy develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

How you raise your puppy from the very start will make a significant difference for the rest of your lives together. When you understand how the reinforcement process works it will be much easier for to forge a relationship of deep understanding with your companion. At DogRelations, we provide a unique puppy training package that helps you raise your puppy by clearly communicating with them and how to avoid the pitfalls of inadvertently reinforcing the behaviors you’d like to discourage.

Beagle puppy | Dog Relations NYC training
Our in-depth Puppy Training Package includes:
  • One and a half hour in-home consultation
  • Three follow up lessons
  • How to interact with your puppy throughout the day
  • House-Training Reinforcement
  • Feeding, Exercising and Socialization Skills
  • Basic Verbal and Visual Cues (I.e: sit/stay/come/down/settle/leave it/drop it)


We believe that best results are achieved when “training” is not only a fun and happy time for both the human and your puppy but actually an integral part of how you relate to one another. We embrace positive reinforcement in our force free training and thrive on your success with your new puppy.

Let us help you and your puppy develop good habits that last a lifetime.

Package price $999

(includes 4 behavior lessons)

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*Please Note: Packages must be paid in full at time of consultation. Lessons must be used within 3 months of purchase.

adorable puppy doing her first trick | puppy training NYC
puppy learning to sit and stay | Dog Relations NYC training


At DogRelations, we create a learning experience that is fun, informative, and ultimately beneficial for both you and your dog. We implement a science-based/force-free approach into our private training sessions; through positive reinforcement, your dog is empowered in making decisions that are beneficial to both of you. One tool we use to encourage dogs to make wise decisions is the clicker. With a clicker, there’s no coercion, dogs have control over their actions, and they get rewarded only for the actions that please their human. DogCognition is another tool we use to guide our dog training services, as it teaches dog owners the importance of placement and timing of rewards when it comes to encouraging positive behaviors.

With our comprehensive training, you and your dog will have a healthy and lasting relationship.

Looking for a highly certified, experienced dog trainer that will teach with effective positive reinforcement techniques?

To learn more about our dog training services, contact us by phone at (917) 783-1473 or our contact form.

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Rocky is doing so well! We had an especially nice long walk this morning. He was able to pass many dogs, even big ones, without trouble (he pulled a little, but I told him to sit and wait and he did!). He barks a bit at the door, but calms quickly. I’m still training him regularly and feeding him the raw diet, and it’s really making a difference. A few neighbors with dogs he’s always barked at before have even remarked on how much better behaved he is! So, thank you thank you thank you Elisabeth!
Elisabeth Weiss is a gifted trainer and a true animal lover. When I adopted my adorable and lovable cock-a-poo from the AC&C he came with a host of challenging behavior issues. Elisabeth has successfully helped me resolve his problems. What I liked most was that she made it easy for me. The lessons for my dog were so much fun that my smart cat started to participate in the dog’s lessons. I then asked Elisabeth to set aside some time to train the cat as well! Both dog and cat training have been huge successes! We all look forward to their lessons every week!