The first assumption is that your dog has motion sickness.

You go to the vet and the vet prescribes an anti-nausea medication. You think that should work. But lo and behold: your poor dog still throws up in the car!  What is going on?
Vomiting, drooling and panting can also be anxiety related.
This seems to be the case with Bailey a Cockapoo rescued from the AC&C in New York.. I suspected that the only time Bailey had previously been in a car was to get dropped off at the shelter. So, we have been going to the garage, practicing jumping in and out of the car and riding around while I have been clicking /rewarding him for taking treats. I have also started to ask him to “sit” and “down” in the car seat and he is able to do that. All those things are not designed to “make’ him obey me, but to see if he is relaxed enough to perform easy requests in an anxiety producing environment.
We have been making good progress. After the second session already Bailey’s drooling is minimal, he sits in the passenger seat and looks out the window. He is still eager to get out of the car at the end of the ride, however he will jump back into the car when asked to do so: that is really excellent.
Maybe they should offer special driver’s licenses for dog trainers who have to click/treat and lure, if necessary ,while driving:)

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