New York – Delicious, fresh tasting cheese has pleased another dog in the upstate community of Greenport.  At approximately 8:15 this morning, well-known local briard Cosima Weiss enjoyed a slice of the delicacy while sitting in the dining room of her luxuriously appointed home.  Cosima, 6, gladly accepted the aged Jarlsberg from her human, James Hanson.  “She was being a good girl,” Mr. Hanson noted, “so I decided to give her some cheese as a treat.”  Cosima’s brother, Petzi, a resident of New York City, agreed.  Both Cosima and Petzi are noted local athletes, with a particular aptitude for playing “jolly ball.”  “Yep, jolly ball is our game,” stated Mr. Hanson while lacing on his “yard shoes.”  He added: “there’s nothing like a good game of jolly to work off that cheese.”

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