We all hate to be nagged. Especially if we were about to respond and there it comes again!


The reminder we did not need.

How annoying! How frustrating!

The reason why we nag usually is that we have no confidence that what we communicated is going to be respected, understood or performed.

This is especially true when we ask our dogs to do something.

DOWN! down: down; DOWN@@ DOWN? Buster:DOWN!

Poor Buster has not even been given the chance to hear what you have said, let alone been given the chance to organize his brain and then his limbs to comfortably get himself into a down position.

Don’t you hate to be told the answer to a question you definitely know, before being given the opportunity to answer it?

You are deprived of complying, of shining and giving a flawless performance.

A dog who is constantly lured and prompted is not a happy dog. A dog might actually start to lose confidence and think he is being corrected.

(Gee…I was getting ready to do what I thought was “down” but he keeps saying it again and again…maybe he wants me to do something different?)

We all know how good it feels to enjoy success and approval.

Don’t deprive yourself and your dog of that wonderful experience. Have faith, patience and reap the laurels of success.


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