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wrote a highly informative blog post on flea and tick prevention: the natural way.

I realize that some areas near the New York City are truly infested with ticks and we are all very concerned about the diseases that fleas and ticks carry.

I however cannot believe that applying insecticide to my dog so the poison can seep into my dog’s bloodstream is such a great idea. Yet that is what seems to be the prescribed norm. Those topical insecticides do nothing to deter ticks from biting, The idea is to kill the insects when they are drinking the poisoned blood of our dog or cat. The insects’ central nervous systems are affected. So what about your dog or cat’s central nervous system? Yuck.

At least it is worth thinking about a natural alternative.

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Here is a list of my favorite Natural flea & Tick control items:

Topical Essential oils for cats & dogs

  • Sentry Natural Defense – Comes in a 3 month/monthly dosing package
  • Mad about organics Daily drops for cats & dogs
  • Earth Animal Bug off daily spray
  • Ark Natural Neem Protect daily spray
  • Pet naturals of Vermont Daily body wipes


The only one that I have found to work the best is:

Earth Animal Internal Tablets or powder – this item has yeast in it. If your pet cannot consume yeast products they also have a yeast free Internal powder called “Herbal internal Powder” – Use this product for the whole season.

Collars and other physical goodies:

Pet Guard makes an herbal flea and tick deterrent lasts for approximately 2 weeks.

Shoo Tag also makes an electromagnetic Flea and Tick deterrent that lasts 3 months (can get wet) and it is best when sewn into your pet’s collar so it has constant contact with your pet’s body.

What I have found to work best is a combination of products used in conjunction with one another.

Starting early spring add the Earth animal internal powder to your pet’s diet.

Late March start using the Natural defense Essential oil topical treatment.

In May depending on your location and the type of infestations you have to endure the mad about organics can be used  daily if you live or are in the beach towns, Westchester , CT and other wooded areas on a daily basis – it is a single drop under each armpit, at the base of the tail, in between inner thighs, on top of each paw and between the shoulder blades – or this product can be used in the same manner every 5 to 7 days if you are living in area that are not as prone to ticks and fleas (of course your pet’s immune system and diet play a major role in how well any product works).

If you prefer Sprays or wipes, Bug off, most neem sprays or the Pet naturals of Vermont wipes are also excellent products to use about 20 minutes before going to the beach or a wooded area that may be infested (it also keep Mosquitos away). This should be used in conjunction with the internal powder & the topical natural defense essential oils.

All these products are meant to confuse the flea and tick’s sensory system.

Please examine your pet’s body after every outing especially inside the ears, near the anus and between the paws – use a tick key to remove the whole tick if you find one (please see your vet asap if you find a tick). Feed an optimal species appropriate natural diet and don’t be fooled by the labels.  Do your research (many foods with the word natural in them are anything but natural- Stay away from the dry kibble).  Make sure you have a flea comb and groom/bathe your pets regularly. Keep your home environment clean and make sure your outdoor environment is examined and kept in shape to reduce the ability of these little pests from breeding near or around your home.


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