I have a had a number of clients whose dogs had to have surgery or have premature arthritis or have a terminal illness that leaves them with diminished stamina.

The video below is of a Wheaten Terrier puppy who was limping and in pain and was finally diagnosed with arthritis in his fore limbs and shoulders. He was prescribed physical therapy.

Among other things the doctors want him to lift his front legs  to strengthen the muscles around his shoulder joints. At the hospital they put a rubber band around his nose and he then tries to remove it. Even though the idea is not bad  I find it slightly aversive. How much fun can that be?

So I dragged out the electronic keyboard and started him on “piano lessons”.

His little sister Isis desperately wanted to participate even though at first she was afraid of the keyboard. Also she had trouble depressing the keys since she is so tiny and has to push pretty hard to get the keys to actually strike.

Anyway: this week was the 3rd time they were exposed to the keyboards and , as you can see below, they have become quite enthusiastic about the activity!

The video clip is very short but it makes up for its brevity in an abundance of cuteness.

We all had a fantastic time!

by the way: We do “serious” stuff as well: like using balance pads and standing on wobbly and uneven surfaces! 


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