The incentive for teaching Lulu to run into the harness from a distance came from the owner who complained that she tended to back away from him when he tried to put the harness on her.

So, after a few minutes of ‘target’ training she began to stick her head through the opening. Now she can run across the room and stick her her head right through the opening.  And it is so much fun for her. When her walker came he was holding the harness and all of a sudden her head was already sticking through!

We laughed so hard!

The other fun thing that happened this week was that Will actually had the chance to open the door of a small refrigerator. we worked in a different place than usual that had a small size fridge. Since we had been working on opening cabinet doors and drawers, this presented a great opportunity for us.

Here is the result. By the way: I did not ask him to retrieve anything from the fridge because I did not want him to get hurt when the door fell closed on its own.


This is a captured trick. Bailey, like so many dogs, scratches when they are not quite sure what is asked of them. I guess just like humans would scratch their head in frustration or when they are puzzled. This is a perfect opportunity to capture that behavior and put it on cue. As in the following video: Do you have an itch?

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